A very small stage in a vast cosmic arena stirred by starlight the carbon in our apple pies two ghostly white figures in coveralls and helmets are softly dancing a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam citizens of distant epochs and billions upon billions.

What is the age requirement to do the activities?

All participants MUST be at least 8 years of age. If anyone is under 18 years old, they must have an adult to sign permission for them.

How much experience do you need?

All our activities are for swimmers and non-swimmers as well. Therefore, no experience is required.

What should we bring with us?

Participants need only to bring a towel, a bottle of water and sun cream.

Is it advisable to have a meal or an alcohol drink before doing the activities?

It is not recommended to consume any alcoholic drinks before any activities. But you can have a light meal (eg. Sandwich) 30mins prior any activities.

What should we wear?

Swimsuit and barefoot recommended.

Are there lockers to keep our belongings?

We do not have lockers. We recommend locking valuables in your car and we can hold your keys inside the booth on our key rack.

Are reservations recommended?

We always recommend reservations. Our activities are very popular, and during the peak summer months we have many visitors who seek fun and adventure on their vacation.

You should secure your reservation in advance to avoid disappointment.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad and the manager, or monitors see it unfit to do the activities, you will be refunded in full, or re-scheduled on a different day or time slot if desired. Only an Aquacity Belle Mare Watersports employee can confirm a cancellation or cancel an activity due to weather and within the 24hr cancellation period. If a person does not show up for their scheduled activity time, then there will be no refund given to the persons or group that did not show. In Belle Mare, it can be raining one second and twenty minutes later the sun can be out shining, so make sure you show up at our location on time and are ready to go. It is recommended to call us 2 hours before your scheduled time if the weather is looking bad. We will assess the weather and sea conditions at that time to determine if it is safe and still good to let our customers do the activities.

Are there any restrictions which would prevent someone to do the activities?

Yes, there are some restrictions for our activities. Please see below for persons who may not be able to partake Aquacity Belle Mare Watersports’ activities:

  • Women who are 3 or more months pregnant.
  • Children under 8 years old.
  • Persons who have limited mobility.
  • Persons who have had any major surgeries or operations that could be affected from the activity or a high-speed ride (i.e. back, knee, leg, hip, shoulder, neck or arm injuries/surgeries should avoid this activity unless given the okay by your doctor/medical practitioner)
  • Persons who have or who have had any heart related issues or seizure related issues.
  • Persons who weigh 300lbs or more (due to safety reasons)
  • Persons 60 years or older should avoid these activities unless they are in great physical health and have consulted with their doctor first.
  • Participants must be able to hear properly and have good vision to do the activities. Your safety is our top priority!

* Please note that all participants will need to fill out and sign a disclaimer prior to partaking on any of our watersport activities.

Are our safety and security assured?

Yes, the safety and security of our clients are our top priority. With over 12 years of experience in the domain, all our employees are certified professionals. Throughout each activity you will be guided and assisted by professional monitors.